Callan Capital Partners implements a reliable and replicable investment process. We aim to identify simple and scalable business models that will persist in the presence of value chain augmentations as the world evolves to promote efficiency and effectiveness. We leverage our knowledge, networks and corporate governance protocols in promoting our investee companies to flourish through the economic cycle.
Our approach is characterized by our ability to identify management teams with exceptional potential as well as those where there is untapped potential, empathise with entrepreneurs, promote ambitious employees and overlay our analytical and operational experience across all our strategic investments. Our focus is on working with management teams to build and grow businesses by combining strategic execution with a conservative capital structure. While we will actively pursue opportunities across a broad range of industries, we seek certain characteristics within each of our investments. Most importantly, we work with founders and managers to identify operational areas where we can support them to improve and grow the business.

We specialize in rigorous examination of investment opportunities. Our investments often come at points of inflexion within a company’s life cycle in order to change the pace of growth and maximize future potential. We are keenly aware of the impact that new funding and ambitious growth plans can have on a company, and we ensure we are prepared for multiple scenarios and outcomes through a process of thoughtful research, data discovery, scenario planning, benchmarking and reliance on outside resources. We bring institutional capabilities to entrepreneurial situations, from our Investment Strategy function through to our Structured Finance capabilities. We are supported by a Board of Advisers who provide us with counsel, contacts, expertise and accountability.

Our Commitment to Value Creation

What we offer

By targeting sectors we have experience in, Callan focuses on enhancing current earnings, whilst creating alternative revenue streams that provide diversification benefits to weather all economic conditions. Our approach is premised on the following pillars:

Managerial Involvement


Influential Governance


Growth Acceleration

We partner with management and key business stakeholders to ensure interests are aligned, to help achieve the aspirations of all involved.

Our role in every investee business is unique and based on an evaluation of the capabilities and personalities of the management team leading the charge.

We have privileged relationships that have been forged through ethical and symbiotic value creation, industry and country expertise and the credibility to generate proprietary deal flow.

Opportunity to provide entrepreneurs and co-investors with a broad range of technical skills in the areas of direct operational management, engineering, planning and control, corporate finance, ethical business development and social responsibility.

Our team members have all spent their formative years at global blue-chip companies, honing their skills according to leading practice and promoting structure and processes to ensure responsibility and sustainability. This experience transition our investee companies for institutional ownership by improving management, reporting and corporate governance processes.

Callan has the expertise and ability to mobilize resources to assist their investee companies transform their operations and exploit a changing environment. Our entrepreneurial heritage and drive for change mean that we have the appetite and ability to provide informed and creative input to the strategic growth of our portfolio companies.

Sectors We Invest In

We are specialists in both management and economics, and we apply our full range of talent to create value in each sector we invest in.


We must invest in agriculture to eradicate the hunger and poverty in Africa. The future of agriculture is automation and technology innovation.


Valued at around $7 trillion globally, energy is the most valuable market segment on earth. Delivery of usable forms of energy to the world’s seven billion people is responsible for 10% of the world’s annual GDP.


Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever-increasing in value.  Therefore, in times of uncertainty, property remains a safe and reliable investment.

Andrew Carnegie, entrepreneur and business leader, was quoted as saying, “90% of all millionaires become so through owning real estate”, and “more money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investments combined”.


The opportunities within sustainable industrialization is built upon future proof technologies and innovative solutions.

Information Technology

The highly digital life we live, and the development of our technological world have become the new normal. The pressure to innovate amid technological progress poses an opportunity for us all to rethink what we do and the way we do it.

Processing & Manufacturing

Rapidly evolving processing and manufacturing technologies including artificial intelligence, advanced robotics and the “internet of things” are poised to reshape the global manufacturing landscape - pushing manufacturers to explore radically new ways of creating and capturing value.

Construction & Mining

The growing effect of urbanization and new housing development ensure that construction remains a lucrative investment. Mining has also been credited as a great long-term investment with higher-than-average returns over the last few decades.

Logistics Distribution
Like most other industries, distribution logistics is currently confronting immense change; and like all change, this brings both risk and opportunity. Distribution Logistics companies are facing an era of unprecedented change as e-commerce and digitization grows while customer expectations evolve.