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Callan Capital Partners

Our cornerstone

We are a  100% black owned and operated company, managed by progressive South African entrepreneurs who understand their role in driving progress through transformation.

Our Culture

Our experience and intellectual capital is our main competitive edge. We nurture this precious commodity because our people are the foundation upon which we develop and enable each other’s growth. We provide experience, strategic direction and active support but do not run the businesses in which we invest. Our approach is driven by a desire to support managers in improving the way businesses work because we know this is the best way to achieve lasting results and maximise the benefits to all stakeholders in the business. When considering the impact of longevity in an investment we believe that it is all about the strategy of efficiently and effectively moving our target businesses towards the achievements of their objectives.

Our Management

Our team constitutes a blend of experienced staff, affiliate companies and specialists who have attained a wealth of experience and knowledge having spent their careers on the ground facing the same complexities of the challenges our target businesses face today. The depth of our team’s expertise is broad based, enabling us to value engineer composite and innovative solutions to ensure successful turnaround and sustainable growth. Our founding partners, are all highly respected business leaders in various markets and all of them have worked with leading global blue chip organisations before joining forces at Callan, to support managers in step changing the development of middle market businesses.

Transactional Profile

Callan Capital Partners looks to invest capital and resources where it perceive the underlying business to have a differentiated market position and where we, in partnership with management, have identified operational initiatives that will deliver strong growth. The following characteristics are key in all transactions:

  • Primary deals that originate outside of competitive auctions.
  • Entrepreneurial lead businesses where Callan can introduce more institutional processes and governance.
  • An identified opportunity to effect value accretive change.
  • Potential for growth by acquisition, where the business is operating on a sub-scale basis or where a fragmented market exists.
  • Potential for operational enhancements and operational scalability.
  • Opportunity to expand outside existing markets.

Why Invest In Africa

A solid team